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The aftermath of a traumatic incident

As much as I dislike watching the news and tend to limit what I take in, it is increasingly difficult to not be affected by the constant bombardment of war footage, terrorist attacks, murder and suffering. When you are a highly sensitive & empathetic person, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sadness of… Continue reading The aftermath of a traumatic incident

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1 year of Courage Coaching

Today marks 1 year since I started Courage Coaching and I can definetely say it has been totally worth it! Although I wasn’t new to wordpress 1 year ago, I was very new to coaching! Since completing my certification and coaching my first clients, it has been both exciting and challenging. Through creating my small… Continue reading 1 year of Courage Coaching

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A great resource for CPTSD sufferers that have trouble sleeping

I came across this wonderful website & blog known as ‘Beauty after bruises’, which is a voluntary website that provides invaluable support for those with CPTSD and/or Dissociation. The links I am adding here are very useful for those of you who really struggle with sleeping and generally dread the night time. Please check them… Continue reading A great resource for CPTSD sufferers that have trouble sleeping

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How to live with gratitude

Gratitude is a very important tool that most of us don’t use as often as we could. To be grateful for all that we have in our life can bring a certain sense of contentment and peace. Studies have been done, which show that gratitude improves both mental and physical health. Gratitude can reduce feelings… Continue reading How to live with gratitude

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When to emotionally detach from a toxic relationship or situation

Hi everyone, This is my 2nd attempt to write this blog post, after the last one was unfortunately lost. 😦 I hope you all had a good Christmas weekend and managed to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. For those of you who find Christmas tough due to past trauma or dysfunctional relationships,… Continue reading When to emotionally detach from a toxic relationship or situation

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How to survive over-thinking

Over-thinking an issue or event is a very common coping mechanism for dealing with stress. When there are unresolved issues or stressful situations with more than one possible solution, this is usually what leads to never-ending ruminating. Unfortunately, over-thinking is usually linked to depression & anxiety. People that already suffer from a mental illness, are… Continue reading How to survive over-thinking