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Giving unsolicited advice-Why do people do it?

When we ask for advice from someone that is very knowledgeable in certain areas or from someone whom we admire, this can be very useful both in the short term and long term. On the other hand, unsolicited advice from close family or even from complete strangers can be an annoying and sometimes insulting behaviour.… Continue reading Giving unsolicited advice-Why do people do it?

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Approval seeking

Approval seeking is a very common behaviour that all of us are guilty of at some point in our life. It might be that we are trying to impress someone we like, make a new friend or make a good impression on our new boss. It is perfectly normal to seek approval in others occasionally.… Continue reading Approval seeking

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You are not a failure

Nobody told you when you were a child that life could feel so tough sometimes. Nobody told you that life could drain the joy right out of you, just when you thought things were getting better. Life is a crazy rollercoaster and you have to ride it out, no matter what it throws at you.… Continue reading You are not a failure

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Speak your truth..

Speak your truth, be yourself and if people don’t accept you then it is their loss, not yours! If people don’t value your reality, your kindness, your honesty then they don’t deserve your time or your love. When speaking your truth, have you ever felt overwhelmed with emotion? What has the emotion been? Anger, frustration,… Continue reading Speak your truth..

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How to be assertive-Steps to healthy self-assertion

This post is the last one on assertion and hopefully the most useful to those of you who struggle with being a people-pleaser and/or are quite passive in your relationships with others.There is also a YouTube video attached for those of you who are auditory & visual learners. Here is a quick guide on how… Continue reading How to be assertive-Steps to healthy self-assertion

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Blocks to healthy self-assertion

Being assertive can come very easily to many of us whilst some of us might have an extreme difficulty in this area, due to many of the following blocks as stated by Hauck (1981b): 1.Fear of injury -Physical violence may be threatened or unleashed in order to keep you in line. This might be the… Continue reading Blocks to healthy self-assertion

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Being assertive

For those of you who struggle with people pleaser syndrome, who are passive, depressed, are experiencing conflict with someone or are having anger issues, assertiveness training can be very beneficial. When someone is unassertive, this involves violating their own rights by failing to express honest feelings, thoughts or beliefs.It also means that someone might try… Continue reading Being assertive