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About me

Hello fellow bloggers and thank you so much for stopping by my page. I am bi-cultural with a Scottish/Greek background and have been living in Germany for the last 4 years, with my German husband. I have become extremely adaptable to change, due to living in many different cities over the last 6 years. I enjoy being creative on a daily basis and I also write a blog about healing from trauma. On a more personal level, I am a narcissistic parental & relationship abuse survivor and have great insight into the struggles that come as a result of this type of trauma.I am particularly passionate about helping people who have experienced narcissistic abuse. I also grew up with a special needs brother, which also gave me a lot of insight into the complexity of special needs in a family and the effects that this can have on siblings.

Background & experience

I have a background in Art & Design with a Bachelors in 3 Dimensional Design & Jewellery Design and ran my own jewellery design business for 6 years.

Alongside my business, I worked in Social care supporting people with disabilities, special needs & also worked as a nanny in various families. This took up a large part of my life for 9 years. I have also worked in an ‘End of life’ care home for the elderly and through this work I developed a deeper insight into the challenges both as a healthcare assistant and from the point of view of the residents. I have a great understanding of the respect & patience that is needed when caring for people with dementia & intellectual disabilities and have always wanted to support people with dignity and compassion.With regards to my creative background, I have always encouraged creative expression in all the work I have done in Social care. Creativity has been very therapeutic for me from a young age and through reading about Art Therapy, I am a great supporter of Art as Therapy.

Despite my creative background, I have come to realise through the years that my greatest fulfillment comes from supporting others. As a survivor of complex trauma I know how challenging it is to live in a world that is already quite scary and I have gained great fullfillment supporting many people through this challenging, sometimes lonely world. This eventually led to my CBC Coaching certification, which has enabled me to help people in many different areas. I have had first hand experience with CBT, Trauma Therapy and Coaching and have seen the benefits in my personal life and in the life of others.

If you would like to work with me, then please feel free to send me an email at any time.

Best Wishes